Frequently Asked Questions

How do I finish my Techniko Wall?
What size are the wall panels?
How do the walls stop noise?
How high can I build my wall and does it need council approval?
Have you allowed for soil type, terrain category and wind region?
Who should install the wall?
How fast can I install a wall?
You should only require 2 people to install 50 metres of 1800 high wall over 2 days on a suitable site. Concrete the posts in on the first day and assemble the wall on the next.
How much should I allow for concrete?
On a 400mm diameter X 700mm deep hole you should allow between $15 - $20 per hole for concrete, depending on if you choose to hand mix the concrete, or order in ready mix via concrete truck. For this size hole it will require approx 0.10 m3 of concrete per hole. Concrete for a commercial project should be calculated from preliminary drawings based on the engineer specified footing size.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. If the wall is installed correctly to our engineering specifications, we warrant the wall against any defective materials or workmanship for 10 years.
How do I repair any damage to the wall?
The walls are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life. If there is any accidental surface damage to the wall, it can be quickly repaired with exterior grade filler. For major damage (ie. car crash) the damaged panels can be simply slid out and replaced with new ones.
Can I fix things to the wall?
Yes, by using standard dry wall fixing systems and adhering to their recommended load ratings.
Can I insert a letter box into the wall?
Yes, you can cut a recess in one of the wall panels, insert and seal a 2 part letter box.
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